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Claire McAdams Photography

L.A. CLEVENSON is a freelance costume designer, technician, and illustrator based out of Brooklyn, NY working in theatre, film, and TV.

L.A. has worked professionally in stage and film nation-wide including in New York City, Houston, Los Angeles, Austin, and Kansas City with many reputable companies including The Public,

Parsons-Meares Costume Shop, Thursday Afternoon Films, Stages Theatre (Houston), Zach Scott Theatre, The KC Rep, Houston Grand Opera Co, Houston Shakespeare Festival and Nike Inc.

L.A. has costume designed over 40 realized productions and has in-depth experience with technical costuming in multiple areas including pattern drafting & draping, tailoring & alterations, fabric painting & dyeing, and millinery, among others.

L.A. was awarded Best Costume Design 2015/2016 by The Houston Press and was featured as an up-and-coming designer in Texas Arts & Culture Magazine. Shortly after receiving her award she chose to return to school to acquire her MFA in Costume Design & Technology from University of Missouri-Kansas City, which she completed in 2019.

L.A. looks forward to a post-covid world where she can return to the things she loves most: seeing theatre, visiting museums and trying to find the best sushi spot in the city.

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