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"Sunrise Coven" - Stages Theatre


"L.A. Clevenson’s costumes are clever, hitting Buckstop casual from all sides, whether you are a sword-bearing libertarian in a T-shirt and combat boots, a jeans and Walmart dressed addicted ex-nurse, or the most Stevie Nicks-ed out modern new age witch, they seem spot-on." - Doni Wilson, Houston Chronicle

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"L.A. Clevenson's costume design is a contemporary one but truly exudes the personality of the production's characters." - Hermando Urdiales, Broadway World

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"Welcome to Fear City" - KC Rep

"L.A. Clevenson’s costumes (particularly for Neesy) are envy-inducing confections of rainbow-trimmed denim and midriff-baring silk blouses... In the abstract, I’m 100 percent here for Walter Coppage in a Sunkist-orange tracksuit and sewer-tamed animal ears (Clevenson again deserves credit for creating a costume that walks a fine line between charming and repulsive)." - Liz Cook, The Pitch

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"American Idiot" - Standing Room Only Productions

"In black leather, torn jeans, and de rigueur T-shirts they exude feral danger, not an A&F clone among them. L.A. Clevenson's swap shop costumes seem as natural as second skin." - D.L. Groover, Houston Press

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"A Doll's House" - Classical Theatre Company


"The costumes by L.A. Clevenson are fairly ravishing. Sure, Nora's wardrobe is a looker – that green velvet ensemble would be the envy of old studio Hollywood, but the men's wear is particularly right with their woolly plaids and lived-in coats. The old housekeeper, Anne, played with a sly wink by Julie Oliver, sports a Whistler's Mother lace bonnet that's just right." - D.L. Groover, Houston Press

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"clean/through" - Catastrophic Theatre

"Costume Design by L.A. Clevenson captures the characters well. She has clothed them in regalia that indicate the status and personality of the characters without them ever opening their mouths. Nothing in her designs seem incongruent with Miki Johnson's words or Jason Nodler's direction." - David Clarke, Broadway World

"…the costume design by L.A. Cevenson blended in invisibly, as it should." - Jim J. Tommaney, Houston Press

"Gidion's Knot" with Stages Repertory Theatre:

"Costume Design by L.A. Clevenson dresses the actresses in outfits that fit the characters and their professions flawlessly." - David Clarke, Broadway World







2015-2016 BEST COSTUME DESIGN: L.A. Clevenson for American Idiot (Standing Room Only Productions)

The Houston Press annually recognizes those individuals in theatre that have made a significant contribution. In 2016 they chose L.A. Clevenson as the best Costume Design. Their comments included: "L.A. Clevenson figured it out. And then some. Along with everything else about this production that made it feel raw and gritty and exploding with angry, youthful, often delinquent energy, Clevenson's costumes felt like the real deal."

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"Character Couture: Texas Designers Dress the Drama" by Julie Herman

L.A. was one of five costume designers who were featured in an article about costume design in Texas Arts & Culture Magazine.

"The minute director Brandon Weinbrenner saw the lustrous emerald green satin Clevenson chose he was on board."

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